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Problem in accessing CD Drives in VB/VB.Net 2.0.

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Hi everyone, I'm focusing on a real tough problem that I hav been trying to solve since a long time. I'm trying to detect the Open or close status of the Cd drive door. I'm using mcisendstring function to query the
status, mcisendstring("Status CDAudio Mode"). This function returns
the following values accordingly:
"not ready", "paused", "playing", and "stopped" values.

Some devices can return the additional "open", "parked", "recording",
and "seeking" values.

If there is a cd in the drive and the door is closed then it's almost easy
to identify as "status CDAudio mode" returns a value anything other
than "open". But the real problem is when the CD door is open the
value returned by the mcisendstring function is "open". Again when the
CD door is closed with no CD inside the function is returning the same
value "open". There's no way I can distinguish the CD tray status
programatically when the value returned is "open". Can anybody help
me? Is there any other way other than the mcisendstring function to
query the CD door status? If yes then Plz provide me a code example.
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