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Update problem using repeater controls

B. Chernick
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(This is a continuation of my earlier post - 'Beginners question about
binding/formatting a repeater'.)

I'm trying to write a fairly minimal web app using a repeater control. I am
accustomed to using GridViews and DetailViews with their self-generated
update buttons but I have almost no experience with repeaters.

As usual I have created an xsd. I've bound the repeater control to an
object data source. The itemtemplate of the repeater contains a user control
that is mostly textboxes.

The display works fine. The page displays multiple usercontrols in a 2
dimensional layout, one record per user control.

What I have not figured out yet is the update. What I would like to do is
have one button on the screen that triggers an update of any and all user
controls within the repeater. Is this scenario possible?

All of the documentation I've seen so far seems to be focused on responsing
to events within a single instance of a repeater item. Do I need to somehow
iterate through the collection of user controls within the repeater and
trigger an update in each one?
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