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binding ObjectDataSource to a VS.NET Dataset doesn't work ???
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I want to bind an ObjectDataSource to a VS.NET Dataset but it doesn't
here's what i do:

- I add a new DataSet (ProductsDs) to the App_Code folder of the web-
- I run the tableAdapter wizard and specify connection, Sql-
statements and stuff ... and press Finish
- several files are created in the App-Code - folder (ProductDs.xsd,
ProductDs.Designer.cs, ...)
- I save everything

- I add an ObejctDataSource to the webform, choose "Configure Data
Source" but the "Choose your business object" combobox is empty ?

i read somewhere that saving the dataSet-code compiles it and makes it
available to the webpages, and code is added in Page_Load()
I don't see anything of this happen

what am i missing here?

thank you
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