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smcwbr14-G installation

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      07-26-2008 Removed) wrote:

> Thank you very much. As you probably guessed from my panicked emails losing
> internet access was quite stressful for me. So, now that it is working I'm
> going to leave things alone for a while - at least until tomorrow
> I have the main router setup to only accept access from certain MACs. Does
> this influence whether I would be better allowing the network to
> automatically set IPs or assigning them myself. I think I recall reading
> that assigning the IPs (or the defrault IP?) myself results in more rapid
> connections.
> Thank you so much for taking the time to answer in such detail.
> I do not know how people managed before the internet ........
> Jeff

MAC address filtering doesn't provide much, if any, additional security.
It can be a problem if you are trying to add another computer to your
LAN and forget that you have configured MAC filtering. Aside from that,
whether you use MAC address filtering isn't related to whether you have
IP addresses assigned manually or automatically.

I suppose using static IPs rather than automatically-assigned IPs might
be faster, but I doubt you'd notice the difference.

The main issue I've seen where static IPs help is where you have a
resource, such as a printer, that is directly connected to the network
(i.e., not connected to a computer and shared). If computers on the
network are configured to print using a printer port with a fixed IP
address and the printer's IP address changes (because, e.g., it was
turned off for a relatively long time and in the interim the router's
DHCP server allocated that IP address to a new computer that connected
to the LAN), you'll have a problem.

Lem -- MS-MVP

To the moon and back with 2K words of RAM and 36K words of ROM.
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