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Missing Lew's posts but not the impostor?

Mike Schilling
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Arne Vajh°j wrote:
> Mike Schilling wrote:
>> Arne Vajh°j wrote:
>>> Mike Schilling wrote:
>>>> Arne Vajh°j wrote:
>>>>> The core problem with both this and similar email issues is that
>>>>> there are no guaranteed identity of senders.
>>>>> And do we really want an internet with guaranteed identity of
>>>>> senders
>>>>> ?
>>>>> I don't think so !
>>>> That depends what you mean. I post under my real name (as do
>>>> you),
>>>> but I fully support the right of other poseters to use different
>>>> sorts of handles. I would also fully support a system in which
>>>> one
>>>> can register a Usenet handle of one's own choosing and it can be
>>>> guaranteed that a post that appears to come from that handle
>>>> really
>>>> does.
>>> But that is not sufficient to solve usenet and email problems.
>>> To solve those problem you will need to only allow identifiable
>>> posters.

>> Or allow killfiling all the others.

> Not much would be left.

Yeah, it's a critical mass problem. If authenticated posting were
the norm, people would have to become authenticated to get their
messages through (the alternative being general killfiling.) But
until authenticated posting becomes the norm, it's of little value,
and thus will never become the norm.

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