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WebForm Default HTML

Jon Booth
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I am using ascx controls to build headers and footers for my wbe
3 questions

1) How do I set it so that when I create a new web form created inherits
from my SecurePage class and not System.Web.UI.Page by default.

2) The HTML created by default by Visual Studio does not contain
<HTML><HEAD><BODY> etc as my ascx files already contain this. Ho can I
modify the HTML it provides by default?

3) ALl I want is basically <FORM> and </FORM> to begin with. VS complains
that they need a parent element, which is of course proviced by the ascx at
runtime. How can I stop it from complaining?

Thanks for any help you can give

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Jon Booth
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Excellent. Thanks for your help Natty


"Natty Gur" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> You need to alter Templates.
> those instructions are for VB7 but C# is the save.
> Steps to create enterprise templates for VB7
> 1. Altering the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
> NET\Vb7\DesignerTemplates\NewWebFormCode.vb" script if you want to
> alter the default code behind for web form. The demo changes the
> assessor page class.
> 2. Creating wizard for your page:
> 2.1. create directory with the wizard name under "C:\Program
> Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Vb7\VBWizards"
> 2.2. Cut and paste existing wizard (WebForm).
> 2.3. in the ..\Templates\1033\NattyPage.aspx sub Dir put the aspx file
> that contain predefine controls. (the demo contain template of page with
> navigation area, tool bar,.)
> 2.4. Alter the script in ..\Scripts\1033\default.js so he will add your
> aspx file :
> var strTemplateFile = strTemplatePath + "\\NattyPage.aspx";
> 2.5. Create new vbz file with the new form template name in ..\
> VBProjectItems dir.
> 2.6. Cut and paste existing vbz file content and alter the WIZARD_NAME
> to your template form name. The file should look like :
> Wizard=VsWizard.VsWizardEngine
> Param="WIZARD_NAME = NattyPage"
> 2.7. Find the right vsdir file (exists under VBProjectItems Dir) and
> alter it. The sample alter WebProjectItems.vsdir.
> 3. Creating wizard for Web project
> 3.1. Create directory with the wizard name at the same location as
> specify at 2.a (the sample alter the default web application)
> 3.2. In the .\Templates\1033 directory put all the files that you want
> to put into the project. Here you can put your template page, alter any
> file, add sub directories with data and alter the vbproj to reference
> assemblies :
> <Reference
> Name = "DevNattyPage"
> AssemblyName = "DevNattyPage"
> HintPath = "..\..\..\dev\infra\DevNattyPage.dll"
> />
> 3.3. Alter the Scripts\1033\default.js file. This file responsible for
> creating the project.
> 3.3.1. Set the variable that hold the project name to your name :
> var strTemplateFile = strTemplatePath + "\\WebApplication.vbproj";
> 3.3.2. Use the AddFromDirectory function to create folders in the
> project for every physical folder:
> projitems.AddFromDirectory(strTemplatePath + "\\html\\");
> 3.3.3. Use the AddFileToVSProject function to add File to the project :
> item = AddFileToVSProject("Styles.css", project, project.ProjectItems,
> strTemplateFile, false);
> (The sample shows how to add NattyPage into sub directory called HTML)
> 3.4. Add vbz file and alter the right vsdir file as explained in 2.
> Natty Gur, CTO
> Dao2Com Ltd.
> 34th Elkalay st. Raanana
> Israel , 43000
> Phone Numbers:
> Office: +972-(0)9-7740261
> Fax: +972-(0)9-7740261
> Mobile: +972-(0)58-888377
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Natty Gur
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Its actually come with demo files. E-mail me if you want them. Removed).

Natty Gur, CTO
Dao2Com Ltd.
34th Elkalay st. Raanana
Israel , 43000
Phone Numbers:
Office: +972-(0)9-7740261
Fax: +972-(0)9-7740261
Mobile: +972-(0)58-888377

*** Sent via Developersdex ***
Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!
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