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Solutions Fast Track - Monitoring and Intrusion
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Dear Reader,

Designing for Detection
- Get the right equipment from the start. Make sure all of the

features you need, or will need, are available from the start.

- Know your environment. Identify potential physical barriers and

possible sources of interference.

- If possible, integrate security monitoring and intrusion

detection in your network from its inception.

Defensive Monitoring Considerations
- Define your wireless network boundaries, and monitor to know if

theyíre being exceeded.

- Limit signal strength to contain your network.

- Make a list of all authorized wireless Access Points (APs) in

your environment. Knowing whatís there can help you immediately

identify rogue APs.

Intrusion Detection Strategies
- Watch for unauthorized traffic on your network. Odd traffic can

be a warning sign.

- Choose an intrusion detection software that best suits the needs

of your environment. Make sure it supports customizable and

updateable signatures.

- Keep your signature files current.Whether modifying them

yourself, or downloading updates from the manufacturer, make sure

this step isnít forgotten.

Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
- Use tools like NetStumbler and various client software to

measure the strength of your 802.11b signal.

- Identify weaknesses in your wireless and wired security


- Use the findings to know where to fortify your defenses.

- Increase monitoring of potential trouble spots.

Incident Response and Handling
- If you already have a standard incident response policy, make

updates to it to reflect new potential wireless incidents.

- Great incident response policy templates can be found on the


- While updating the policy for wireless activity, take the

opportunity to review the policy in its entirety, and make changes

where necessary to stay current. An out-of-date incident response

policy can be as damaging as not having one at all.

Conducting Site Surveys for Rogue Access Points
- The threat is real, so be prepared. Have a notebook computer

handy to use specifically for scanning networks.

- Conduct walkthroughs of your premises regularly, even if you

donít have a wireless network.

- Keep a list of all authorized APs. Remember, Rogue APs arenít

necessarily only placed by attackers.A well-meaning employee can

install APs as well.

--- Thank You ---

James Conack
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