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Cisco 831 DynDNS & port forwarding

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Hi, I was searching through internet how to configure my cisco 831 to dynimicly update my IP address (using and how to forward specific ports to local IP addresses but nothing was working for me.
First my config:
ip ddns update method METHOD
add http://user:razz:(E-Mail Removed)...ndns&hostname=
interval maximum 28 0 0 0

interface Dialer1
ip ddns update hostname
ip ddns update METHOD
after restarting my router I can observe the following:

*Jul 13 03:14:28.915: HTTPDNS: Update add called for <=> 20
*Jul 13 03:14:28.915: HTTPDNS: Updat [OK]
e called for <=>
*Jul 13 03:14:28.915: HTTPDNS: init
So it defines new IP address but it cannot register it with
As far as I understud from cisco manual after init should come reply from server.Unfortunatelly no reply.

As for port forwarding I tryed to configure it from web-tool from PAT menu.But it is not working.

Please if you have solutions for my problems I would be happy to see them, because I'm struggling with this two things for 2 weeks.

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