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Okay, a real message about technology in cameras

Paul Furman
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ASAAR wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jul 2008 10:20:42 -0700, Paul Furman wrote:
>>> Yep. I started using the AE-L button that way when I also
>>> assigned the AF-ON button to focus.

>> I don't see the point of the AF-ON button, it does the same thing as a
>> half shutter press: triggers AF to work... maybe if you were using the
>> half shutter press to lock exposure I guess.

> It's useful when you want to prefocus and not have the half
> shutter press initiate focusing again, whether on the next shot or
> the next ten shots, but this is a simplistic use. Thom Hogan calls
> using the AF-ON button the "Pro Approach to Autofocus" in his
> Complete Guide to the Nikon D300. On page 394 of his 769 page
> eGuide he says :
>> The solution is the AF-ON button on the back of the camera.
>> Specifically, here's what you do:
>> Use custom setting #A5 to move autofocus activation to AF-ON only.
>> Set the switch on the front of the camera to C (Continuous Servo).
>> Make sure that Custom Setting #A1 is on the default of Release.
>> Now your camera is configured to autofocus only when you press
>> the AF-ON button.

Thanks, that makes sense.
And super-glue the other switches!

Paul Furman

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