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Good books about web site optimation ?

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Any recommendations ?

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Desser wrote:

> Any recommendations ?

No. You do not need to do much for good SEO. All you need is to have
good titles on your page and maybe a description.
But you do need good navigation and content that visiters will
actually want to view, listen to or read.
Regards Chad.
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Andy Dingley
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On 9 Jul, 14:23, "Desser" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Any recommendations ?

This (or at least its solutions) reduces to the same problem as good
coding style in general. If you code recent "best practice" HTML, then
SEO happens naturally. Don't use tables for layout and avoid absolute
positioning. Begin by coding a HTML (no CSS) document that contains
the _content_ of the page in a sensible order, then look at applying
CSS to it to make it look good. Broadly speaking, the web crawlers see
that pure HTML document as more important than the CSS-styled version
the humans get to see. If you make sure the HTML version conveys the
necessary content, especially for things like image annotation being
located close to the images, then you'll do well. Also techniques like
"semantic HTML", the practice of using HTML elements how they're
intended, and not mis-using them because of their presentational side

"Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML" is the best tutorial I know for the
HTML approaches needed to get this right.
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