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Midwest Book Review: The Library DVD Shelf

Midwest Book Review
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The Library DVD Shelf

Armor Plated
Mark Hatmaker
Paladin Press
Gunbarrel Tech Center, 7077 Winchester Circle, Boulder, CO 80301
APDVD, $49.95, www (dot) paladin-press (dot) com

Defending yourself is something all too often left out in ironically
named self-defense classes. "Armor Plated: The Encyclopedia of
Defensive Skills for NHB and the Street" is a guide to protecting
one's body in the event of being overwhelmed by an assault where the
proverb 'the best defense is a good offense' is simply not plausible.
Teaching how to turn a situation like that into one's favor so one can
go on the offensive, "Armor Plated: The Encyclopedia of Defensive
Skills for NHB and the Street" is a must for anyone looking to improve
their self-defense skills, whether for the ring or just for the worst.

Wide Sargasso Sea
based on a novel by Jean Rhys
Acorn Media Group
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
AMP-8077, $24.99 www (dot) acornmedia (dot) com

Wide Sargasso Sea is the movie adaptation of a novel written by Jean
Rhys, as a deliberate prequel to Charlotte Bronte's classic tale "Jane
Eyre". In the story, Rhys imagined how Mr. Rochester from "Jane Eyre"
met and married his first wife, and how she became a madwoman in the
attic. Set in early 1800s Jamaica, the young Englishman Edward
Rochester (Rafe Spall) captivates the beautiful Creole heiress
Antoinette Cosway (Rebecca Hall); yet the passionate lust of the
newlyweds quickly gives way to suspicion, fear and betrayal.
Originally aired in the United Kingdom, Wide Sargasso Sea is now
available to American audiences on DVD with special features including
a biography of Jean Rhys and cast filmographies. An absolute "must-
see" for anyone who has enjoyed Charlotte Bronte's great works of
literature. 84 min., color, widescreen, subtitles.

Talk Mogadishu
Bullfrog Films, Inc.
PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547
#04318, $250.00 www (dot) bullfrogfilms (dot) com 1-800-543-3764

Talk Mogadishu: Media Under Fire is the inspirational true story on
DVD of HornAfrik, the first independent TV and radio station in war-
torn Mogadishu, established by three courageous Somali-Canadians who
sought to bring peace to their suffering nation through promoting
freedom of expression, unbiased news, and open debate. The station's
talk shows became wildly popular, and allowed Mogadishu's most
marginalized residents to speak out (including humanitarian groups and
those who advocated women's rights). Indeed, the station became so
popular that it fell under attack more than once by warlords who were
unhappy with its content. Yet HornAfrik continues, offering a voice of
hope in a land that desperately needs it. A welcome addition to public
library DVD shelves, ideal for showing in high school and college
classrooms, Talk Mogadishu deserves the highest possible
recommendation for its spotlight on how media has the potential to
bring light to the most troubled of times and places. 50 min., closed
captioned, color.

America's Team
Janson Media
88 Semmens Road, Harrington Park, NJ 07640
#20364, $24.95 www (dot) janson (dot) com

America's Team: Being a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird is an amazing
documentary on DVD of what it takes to be part of the Thunderbirds,
members of the U.S. Air Force with the masterful skills to pull off
expert airshows. Now for the first time ever, a female pilot has
joined the Thunderbirds! America's Team follows her and the entire
Thunderbird squadron both at home and on the road, offering a glimpse
into the rigors and rewards of aerial devotion. Bonus material
includes an F-16 cockpit tour, an F-16 walkaround, and much more.
Highly recommended for airplane enthusiasts everywhere! 81 min.,
widescreen, color.

The Four-Winged Dinosaur
WGBH Boston Video
c/o SSA Public Relations (publicity)
16027 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 206, Encino, CA 91436
9781593758226, $19.95 www (dot) ssapr (dot) com

The Four-Winged Dinosaur: Microraptors and the Bird Origin Debate is
the DVD rendition of an episode from the public television series
NOVA, detailing the discovery of and scientific experiments
surrounding fossils of an amazing, recently discovered dinosaur
species - microraptor, a small dinosaur with flight feathers on all
four of its limbs! Microraptor might be the first known tree dweller,
but even with four wings, could it fly? Or did it glide from treetop
to treetop? How did it maneuver in the air with four wings? In search
of answers, paleontologists conducted a number of wind tunnel
experiments and carefully tabulated the data. The results offer
insight into one of nature's greatest mysteries: how did winged flight
really evolve? Featuring captivating computer imagery of how
microraptor might once have looked and behaved in its native habitat,
The Four-Winged Dinosaur is enthusiastically recommended not only for
dinosaur lovers, but also for bird lovers of all ages and backgrounds.
Enhancements include printable materials for educators, closed-
captioning, and the option of described video for the visually
impaired. 54 minutes, color.

Viz Pictures
295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
DVD, $24.98, www (dot) viz (dot) com 1-800-394-3042

Based on the engaging manga (Japanese comics) by Ai Yazawa, Nana is a
dramatic, live-action Japanese movie with English subtitles about the
lives of two women, each named Nana. Nana "Hachi" Komatsu has come to
Tokyo with her boyfriend in the hopes of starting afresh, while Nana
Osaki has arrived in Tokyo chasing her dream to make a name for
herself in rock 'n' roll as a pop music idol. Despite the women's
radically different backgrounds, motives, and personalities, they
become best friends as they adapt to the difficult challenges of life
in a bustling, unfamiliar metropolis. An upbeat, engaging story of the
supportive bond between female friends during the best of times and
the worst of the times. 114 minutes, color.

Liquid Asana
Micheline Berry
Well Go USA, Inc.
990 N. Bowser Rd., Ste 700, Richardson, TX 75081
411 Video Information (publicity)
PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
DVD, $14.98, www (dot) wellgousa (dot) com www (dot) 411videoinfo
(dot) com

Liquid Asana: The Fluid Dance of Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Micheline
Berry is a yoga instructional DVD in which host Micheline Berry
introduces the viewer to her unique blend of the basics of Vinyasa
Flow Yoga Alignment with four dance programs. The result is a
beautiful, virtually liquid form of exercise promoting flexibility and
grace as well as calorie burning. The four fluid dance movements
forming the core of Liquid Asana are the circle, the wave, spiral, and
undulation. Enhancing the exercise program is a Liquid Asana
meditation and relaxation art track. Though Liquid Asana is designed
for beginners, yoga practitioners of all skill and experience levels
are sure to enjoy the creative and flowing aspects to this one-of-a-
kind workout. A welcome addition to yoga DVD libraries. 75 minutes.

Rick Wakeman's Grumpy Old Picture Show
MVD Entertainment Group
H-840 North Circle Drive, Oaks, PA 19456
DVD, $19.95, www (dot) classic-media-group (dot) com www (dot) rwcc
(dot) com

Rick Wakeman's Grumpy Old Picture Show is a DVD recording of veteran
Rick Wakeman live on tour, as he performs his one-man "Old Picture
Show". His performance includes rants about the frustrations and
adversarial irritations of modern daily life, and a reprise from the
hit BBC television series "Grumpy Old Men". Performance collaborations
with Gordon Giltrap, Jemma Wakeman, Chris Blakey, The English Rock
Ensemble and The English Chamber Choir further enhance this rousing,
timeless capture of Wakeman's dry wit and laugh-out-loud funny
moments. 143 minutes.

Fat Free Yoga
Ravi Singh & Ana Brett, producers
Privately Produced
c/o 411 Video Information (publicity)
PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
DVD, $19.95, www (dot) 411videoinfo (dot) com www (dot) raviana (dot)

Yoga instructors Ravi Singh and Ana Brett have a client list including
such celebrities as Madonna and the Red Hot Chile Peppers; now they
make their expertise available to all in Fat Free Yoga, a DVD workout
featuring Kundalini Yoga poses that promote flexibility and relaxation
as well as fitness and conditioning. Four nineteen-minute workouts
plus two meditations comprise this easy-to-follow DVD, which features
a "matrix" menu option ideal for customizing one's workout. An easy-to-
use exercise guide tailored to help viewers of all skill and
experience levels reap the benefits of yoga in day-to-day life. 90

All About Hair with Chris Helm
Bennet Watt HD Productions, Inc.
13021 - 244 Avenue SE, Issaquah, WA 98027
9781932978780, $24.95, www (dot) Bennett-Watt (dot) com

Part of "The New Hooked On Fly Tying Series", All About Hair with
Chris Helm is a fly fisherman's guide to creating stunning and
effective bass bugs, with particular focus on the proper use of hair.
Featuring close-up camera work in high definition, All About Hair
covers the right types of thread to use, tools to make tying bugs
easy, how to handle hair when crafting a bug, spinning, stacking,
installing gills, and much more. Award-winning fly tier Chris Helm
hosts this step-by-step, in-depth guide that spares no detail in the
art of making the very best fishing lures. A "must-have" DVD
collections of dedicated fly fishermen, and a superb gift for anyone
taking a serious interest in the sport. 83 minutes.

When I Find the Ocean
Monterey Media Inc.
566 St. Charles Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-3901
9781569944240, $24.95, www (dot) montereymedia (dot) com

An award-winning saga inspired by a true story, When I Find the Ocean
is a movie about a young girl coming to terms with the loss of her
father. The ocean claimed the life of Lily Strickland's father;
lacking a way to say goodbye, she leaves her grandparents and mother
to confront her own fears amid the challenges of the wilderness. A
deeply emotional, family-friendly movie unfolds, shot against
breathtaking seacoast, river, and forest natural scenery. Highly
recommended. PG, 104 min., closed captioned (but not subtitled).

Michael Kloft
First Run Features
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1213, New York, NY 10036
DVD, $24.95, www (dot) firstrunfeatures (dot) com

A new film by Michael Kloft, writer of "The Goebbels Experiment",
Firestorm is a documentary about the lethal bombing campaigns that the
Allies carried out against Nazi Germany. Winston Churchill
specifically ordered cities to be targeted after attacks on German
factories resulted in heavy aircraft losses; the objective was to
crush German morale and reduce the number of workers that could power
the Nazi efforts to make war. Civilian casualties were devastating.
Firestorm includes rare, historic film footage, (much of it in color),
along with interviews of historians, former bomber pilots, and
survivors of the relentless assault. Bonus features include amateur
film footage of Germany in ruins, and a filmmaker biography. An
uncompromising look at the full might of the allied air campaign
against Nazi Germany, and an oft-overlooked perspective of the Allies'
brutality in war, which leaves the viewer to decide whether or not the
extreme measures were necessary. 93 minutes, black-and-white and

The Return of the Cuyahoga
Produced and Directed by Lawrence R. Hott & Diane Garey
Bullfrog Films, Inc.
PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547
1594587590, $250.00, www (dot) bullfrogfilms (dot) com 1-800-543-3764

Recommended for adults and young viewers in grades 7-12 alike, The
Return of the Cuyahoga is an educational documentary about the
Cuyahoga River in the United States, which flows directly through
Cleveland. Once, it formed the border of the western frontier; by the
1870s, pollution from industrial factories along its banks turned it
into a literal channel of sludge. Its surface became so oily that it
would frequently catch fire. The Cuyahoga became a symbol for
environmental degradation in America, and its difficult redemption had
to balance efforts to clean it with the needs of the city of
Cleveland. The return of the Cuyahoga is ultimately an uplifting story
of hope, that it is in fact possible for large populations of humans
to coexist with natural waterways. An excellent addition to public and
school library environmental DVD collections. 57 minutes.


The Midwest Book Review is an organization of volunteers committed to
promoting literacy, library usage, and small press publishing. We
accept no funds from authors or publishers. Full permission is given
to post any of these reviews on thematically appropriate websites,
newsgroups, listserves, internet discussion groups, organizational
newsletters, or to interested individuals. Please give the Midwest
Book Review a credit line when doing so.

The Midwest Book Review publishes the monthly book review magazines
"California Bookwatch", "Internet Bookwatch", "Children's Bookwatch",
"MBR Bookwatch", "Reviewer's Bookwatch", and "Small Press Bookwatch".
All are available for free on the Midwest Book Review website at www
(dot) midwestbookreview (dot) com

Anyone wanting to submit books for review consideration can send them

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive
Oregon, WI 53575-1129

To submit reviews of any fiction or non-fiction books, email them to
Frugalmuse (at) aol (dot) com (Be sure to include the book title,
author, publisher, publisher address, publisher website/phone number,
13-digit ISBN number, and list price).

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review

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