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More design questions here..

Ivan Demkovitch
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This is a long one Please correct me if I *did* something wrong and help
me with my questions (at the end)

I'm learning C# and .NET but good at SQL.

I'm working on portal and writing Survey module.
This module is a web control.

Here is simple functionality:

1. Support Multi-choice questions
2. Support Single-choice questions.
3. Support Results view (as bars)
4. Support sureys view (as links)
5. Display message "No surveys available"

I sorted out DB fucntionality and wrote C# class supporting all DB
functionality and presenting info as main class containing child array of
classes (for questions).

Here is things I'm not comfortable with:

1. Since this is portal, I want this module (block on page) stay always on
the same place. Therefore, to present #1-5 functionality I will append 2
Parameters to link: SurveyKey and SurveyOptn. This links will be appended to
main page link.

2. On control itself I have 3web controls: checkbox list, radiobutton list
and databound (to display links for different surveys)

The problems I have so far: Unable to bind radiolist or checkbox list to my

rblRadioSurvey.Visible = true;
rblRadioSurvey.DataSource = Survey.CurrentList;
// I also have DataTextField and DataValueField properly
specified on control (names of properties of objects in "CurrentList" class)
// I get error: DataBinder.Eval: 'ASPNetPortal.cSurveyData'
does not contain a property with the name SurveyOption.
// And it does have this property....

The next problem would be actually returning data.

My plan is to have XML data created and passed into SQL Stored procedure.

I have no idea how to submit data back to application. Writing code behind
on_click event for the button I place seem not working. Values get cleared
and I don't get it. Some sample code would be really helpful.


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