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Re: Browser Question

Jonathan N. Little
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Neredbojias wrote:
> Recently I was interested in browser usage stats so I Googled for "browser
> usage" which gave me this link as #1:
> There may be some variation in other statistical reports, but I'm sure the
> basic trend holds. My question is this: Why is Opera's share of the market
> so pitifully small? It's a nice browser to use, one can obtain almost as big
> a viewport as in Firefox, and its minimal operational bugs have been
> continuously corrected with time. It's parses more correctly than Firefox or
> anything else I know of, and it's just as free. Nevertheless, it has less
> than a 2% market share and FF has at least a 30% share.
> This really puzzles me.

I cannot speak of others, but I have 3 versions 7.54, 8.51 and 9.5 for
testing only. I just don't like the interface. Seems very limited. Do
not like that I cannot drag a link to a tab or new tab or drag a link or
address from Opera to any other browser or from another browser...

Take care,

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Adrienne Boswell
Posts: n/a
Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Neredbojias
<me@> writing in

> Ah, see, I didn't know some of this because I never use that stuff.
> (I don't use tabs - like the "old way".) It's funny in a way:
> Firefox upgraded their interface for version 3 when they _should have_
> improved their parsing while Opera has continually bettered their
> parser while sloughing along with a mediocre interface... Maybe they
> should merge.

One of the reasons I like Opera better than Firefox IS the interface.
It is completely customizable, skinable, etc. Agreed that without some
customization it may seem daunting, but I would say that most people who
use Opera are a bit techy, and would play around with it until it works
the way they want it to.

Heck, if you use Strange Truth skin, you can make the interface look
like no other browser. Good for fooling people looking over your

Adrienne Boswell at Home
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Travis Newbury
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On Jun 30, 11:15*am, Ed Jay <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Methinks that those who complain about Opera's looks don't have a grasp on
> what they can do to change the appearance.

Or don't want to take the time (read that: too lazy) to do it. (which
is my case)
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