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ASA 5510 QoS
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Is there a way for an ASA 5510 to set DSCP on packets?

If not, how do I force each of the four physical interfaces to goto
their "router"

Here's our layout:

ASA 5510
Port 0 - INSIDE(
Port 1 - OUTSIDE(75.X.X.X/25)
Port 2 - DMZ(

Right now all hosts in DMZ use the ASA( as their default
GW. I'd guess to do dscp I need to put a router on the DMZ, and
change the default GW of hosts to the router, which then forwards to
the ASA.

Or is there a way to make the ASA forward all requests from the DMZ to
the router within the DMZ(assume it's

I'd also need a router for the INSIDE, and OUTSIDE networks.

Thanks. My Default route on the ASA points outside, as this ASA is a
VPN endpoint for SITE-TO-SITE tunnels.
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