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PIX Configuration Help...

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Question about configuring a PIX. Have a PIX 515. Internal network connects to a Cisco Rtr over a NAT IP Block (192.168.x.x), then the rtr connects via 2nd Eth int to PIX over another NAT Block (10.x.x.x). There's a switch that connects to the PIX, connects the backup PIX, DMZ's, etc.

I need to add a host on the network, onto the 10.x block. So basically plug into that switch that connects the PIX. I'm just going to give the machine an IP from the 10.x block.

Question, looking for ideas how to config this...Basically machine needs to:
-Accept connections to Ports 20, 21, 1433, 5900 from any host on the 192.168.x.x network.
-Make/accept Port 1433 connections to a host sitting on our DMZ.
-This host will need to be able to INITIATE outgoing Port 80 connections to the public internet. Other than this, no reason host will go outside the internal network.

Ideas on configs? Add/deny statements???

Thanks in advance!!!
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