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httpRequest resource not available

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> It always astounds me when someone who does not
> know the answer to a question has the temerity to
> presume the answer is simple.
> What are they basing that presumption on?

I'm basing the presumsion my question is simple on the fact I had a
childhood Brain injury(197 which up until about 2 years ago left me
with no hope of installing the Java JRE let alone writting code for
it. So Yes I assumed my question would be simple as I'm not exactly
firing on all cylinders. Sorry to have offended you!

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On 19 Jun, 10:38, Lew <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> slowlearner wrote:
> > I'm surprised to see none of you can answer this simple question.

> If it's so simple, why are you asking?
> --
> Lew

No offense was mean't by this. I had thought the previous respondents
where playing around and so I just mean't to appeal to your ego's to
try and get an answer.

I didn't intend to imply you were all simple. It was just a rushed
response badly worded. I expect I'll be writting apologies for days
now, but truely I didn't mean to insult you all !


I've replied to all those I caused offence to now. Please anyone else
reading this thread do not take offence at previous post.

It was just badly worded. I've called myself slowlearner for a reason.
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Roger Lindsjö
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slowlearner wrote:
> I didn't mean you were all simple I was just in a hurry this morning
> & worded it badly. I just thought since it's my first attempt at gwt
> or web design then it stood to reason my question was simple, to
> assume it was advanced would have been big headed.
> If theres one thing that does not describe me that would it. Look at
> my Google name(slowlearner), I always assume my problems are simple
> compared to everybody else's. I did not mean you were simple. Sorry
> for the miss-understanding.

I doubt anyone took it as personal insult, they just pointed out that a
problem that looks simple could very well have very complicated solutions.

But back to the original question, if you use Firefox with the
LiveHTTPHeaders plugin then you could probably see the exact request
made by the browser. Or, if you have access to the server logs you could
look in those (as pointed out earlier by RedGrittyBrick).

Roger Lindsjö
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