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What were FrontPage Server Extensions?

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I am reading some stuff on .NET 2.0 and it refers to FTP based project as
an alternative to 'FrontPage Server Extensions' which are then obsolete. Ok,
I never heard of this. 'FrontPage Server Extensions' would be a way to
synchronise files from a development environment to production?

I found this in wiki:

FrontPage Server Extensions

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Software technology that allows Microsoft FrontPage clients to communicate
with web servers, and provide additional functionality intended for
websites. Frequent security problems have marked the history of this
Microsoft proprietary technology.
It relies on HTTP protocol for communication, and CGI/POST for server side
Software IDE Microsoft Visual Studio 6 uses this technology for file
synchronization purposes, and strongly depends on this technology for file
management. .NET Microsoft products obsoleted this in favor of WebDAV.

I think this text is a bit unclear. If you read it in some way, it looks
like Front Page Server Extensions were a special sort of webbrowser? But
that not the case, right? I refer to 'clients to communicate with web
servers', that sounds more like getting a page from a server and display it
in a browser then changing the file on the server to update it. But I think
the last is what FrontPage Server Extensions were used for?

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"Aidy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote

> It was like a more specific version of FTP. Its name led to a lot of
> confusion I think as people associated it with Front Page, which was MS's
> WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Yes I remember that one too.

Thanks for the explination, it's cristal clear to me now.

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