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OT: Bitmap searching?

Terry Pinnell
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Anyone know of a PC program (free or commercial) that can search for
close partial matches of a bitmap image please?

For each of hundreds of large images (say 2000 x 1200) I want to input
a small target section (say 150 x 100), and expect it to find (or not
find) that "there is a section within this image that very closely
matches the target". The sort of thing humans can do quickly visually,
even when looking for a mere 1% or less of the full image.

Typically I'd be searching a map image for a small section of road,
with its unique colouring, junctions and background. Both large maps
and target would be from very similar original maps. The 300 large
images would in this example be all the pages from a (digital or
scanned) road atlas.

I assume government agencies and large companies use such software
widely, especially in security applications. I'm hoping that - given
the power of today's PCs - there might be a simple version for the
general user.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK
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