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Toshiba Laptop with strange effects

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I am working on my a Toshiba satellite a105 laptop. The isue is the LCD. When you press in on the top left side of the case for the LCD it might work for a few seconds. That makes me think bad wire or something. Start pulling the case appart. LCD lights up like it works but the screen freezes then will exentually go white. THis is what it will do when I am not pressing into the top left. While I had the case appart I powered it up to see if it had been resolved but the issue is I now have to twist the lcd panel in a counter clock wise motion to get it to work. The twist is olny a couple of degrees and is only from the top of the screen. Nothing seems loose but it just acts like there is a loose wire becuase the pressure in the one direction seems to fix the issue whil only tempoarily. As soon as the pressure is remove the problem repeats. I am relatively new to laptops but have been working on computers in general for years.

I have another question in realtion to this. Does there need to be prople connections to the foil in the back of the case for the lid. There are also two orange peices of plastic that each have one wire going to it and looks to be contacts for something but they would not come into contact with anything else.

If you look at step 9 here on the back of the lid you will see the two orange tabs I am referring to. Towards the top. That is what I thought the problem was at first, just not a proper connection.
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