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Re: The time is NIGH ! porting from BT !

Peter Gradwell
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Laserfink wrote:
> Ok the time has come for me to decide what i am doing with
> 2 BT numbers , i likely want to port them to VOIP as
> BT cant move them due to Premises move as its on different
> exchanges.
> WHO, where , costs from anybody with experience in these
> matters would be appreciated please.
> ..............
> I am closing my office to move it HOME , currently i am a BT one plan
> Buisness customer with following
> 1 - voice line - with feature plan contract up in mid 09
> ( been told it will cost me around 50 to break this contract)
> 2- fax line - contract expired
> 3- broadband - contract expired
> Having spoken to BT they want 7 -10 days to transfer and 160
> and CANNOT take my numbers with me as its on a
> different exhange .
> ...................................
> So can i port a number on voip still within contract on BT , i am planning
> to just pay the penalty
> anyway and dump the lines as i cant take them with me anyway

you could port all 3 to a voip provider and take them with you. BT may
charge you for breaking the contract, but I don't know how joined up
they are, because the gaining voip provider effectively cancels your
contract for you when the number is ported out.

You need to kick the process off well in advance of moving though.


peter gradwell. gradwell dot com Ltd.
<email/web_hosting/business_voip> <t:01225 800 810>
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