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Re: Need help with a simple Perl script

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On Wed, 28 May 2008 22:40:28 -0400, Dick Sutton wrote:

> First of all, I am a rank amateur at Perl. Here is my problem: I have a
> hundred or more files in a directory on a web server (let's call it
> 'Library'). Each file is a pdf file and is named 'yyyymmm.pdf' where
> yyyy is the year (i.e. 2007) and mmm is the first 3 letters of the month
> (i.e. Jan). So a typical file name looks like '2007Jan.pdf'.
> I wrote a simple html page using FORM that allows the user to select the
> year and the month and then press the SUBMIT button and I want the
> respective pdf file returned into the users browser. The problem is, I
> don't know how to return a pdf file to the browser.
> Here's what I have so far:
> #!/usr/local/bin/perl -wT
> use strict;
> use CGI ':standard';
> # declare variables...
> my $year;
> my $month;
> my $pdffile;
> # get the parameters...
> $year = param('Year');
> $month = param('Month');
> # construct the relative pathname to the actual PDF file $pdffile =
> '../Library/'.$Year.$Month.'.pdf';
> print 'Content-type: application/pdf\n\n';
> This is where I'm stuck. Can someone push me in the right direction. I
> would think it should be trivial. I just don't know how to procede.
> Thanks in advance...
> Dick

Grab the file content and print it out after your type header...

@file = <FILE>;

print "Content-Type:application/pdf\n\n";
print @file;

- Netlurker
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