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The Birth Of Thriller Cover chapter 3 --Shoot Day

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Shoot Day

The day of the shoot arrived, I had hired one of the best fashion
stylists in LA to gather a large variety of wardrobe, and we began
arduous process of selecting attire for the cover and inside spread.
After about an hour of weeding through the clothes, Michael couldn't
find anything he was crazy about. I started to panic for a moment,
then I noticed Michael looking at the white suit I was wearing. He
asked if we had anything like it. We didn't, so I asked him if he
would like to wear mine. Considering his choices, this was exactly
what he wanted. Fortunately for the shoot and the time involved, the
suit fit.

We had decided prior to the shoot that Michael would have a tiger cub
in the shots so we had a selection for him to choose from. He loved a
six week old cub but was very squeamish about letting it get to close
to his face because of possible scratches from it's claws. Throughout
the shoot I had to get Michael to forget about the possibility of
getting scratched, and to focus his attention on me and the camera.
During breaks Michael would stand in front of a full length mirror
practice continual spins, the legendary ones that are now so familiar
to us all. He would come alive in front of that mirror. It was
fascinating, because he had such a shy and subdued manor throughout
the photo session. For lunch he ordered a special meal brought in
a vegetarian restaurant ..the ----- on 3rd Avenue, which is his
favorite in town. In fact, a few months later he would hire that chef
as his personal cook, and to this day.

The shoot lasted about 6 hours with no particular problems out of the
ordinary. At the days end, we said good-bye, and arranged to meet in
few days to go over the results. About four days later the photos
ready and we met at Michael's recording studio on Beverly Boulevard.
Michael was in the middle of finishing up one of the tracks, so I set
up my light table and spread out the transparencies so he could see
them all at one time.

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