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Re: ATI upgrade graphics card / driver questions

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On Tue, 27 May 2008 15:57:08 +1200, Nighthawk <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> The budget is an issue, at the moment $150 would be tops. Originally
> we had not budgeted for a dedicated card, believing the integrated
> X1250 would be sufficient, as it is the equivalent of an X700 or 9700.
> The 9600GT starts at just under $200 on PriceSpy.
> In the price range the 3650 mentioned above has DDR2 and the 2600XT
> has DDR3. I guess the 2600XT would be faster in this case. It is a
> big jump up to the faster range of video cards. On PriceSpy there is
> an HD3850 / 256MB for $190. I will have to have a long talk with my
> friend whose computer it is. But either way any of these cards would
> be a quantum improvement over the integrated X1250, right? His eyes
> are failing so high quality graphics isn't an issue, older games at
> low quality settings would be fine, along with MS Flight Simulator.
> We also have to keep an eye on the PSU. We just fitted an Enermax
> Liberty 400W with dual 12v rails, 20A on each. That would cope with
> the 2800XT but how would it handle the likes of 9600GT and
> HD3850/256MB?

Try this site for graphics card info.

If flying ms flight sim as the primary aim try googleing the flight sim
(which version FS9 or FX10)

This fellow liked the 9600gt$=main/howto/fsx-fin.htm


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