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OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND. after 80gb boot drive replaced with300gb boot drive

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I have an Emachine T2682. It's about 5 years old. Intel Celeron.
Phoenix bios.

I had a tried and tested ghost image of the boot partition handy when
my 80 maxtor died a few days ago. I replaced it with a 300gb maxtor. 3
partitions - 30gb c: ntfs just like the original. 15gb fat and the
rest NTFS.

I restored the boot partition with ghost. But when I attempt to boot
from drive I get Operating System Not found.

I checked pin setttings on the new drive. When I boot to windows 2003
it sees an the OS installed on C:

I now suspect it's the Bios.

Any way around this? Maybe a Phoenix bios upgrade? I have the CD with
drivers from Maxtor and they discuss something about 48 bit
comaptibility an din the bios setup I see enable 32 bit I/O(but not
48 bit).. But how can I apply those to windows or the OS if I can't
boot the OS.

Thanks for any help or information
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I used the windows 2003 server install cds and formated the the
primary partion and went through a vanilla install. I then restored
just the partion into that partion and that solved the issue.

I do think your right that because it's a partition backup and not a
disk backup the MBR was not restored.
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