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THIMC: YML 1.0 released

Volker Birk
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because I think, that XSLT is convenient, but it's somewhat unexpedient
to program XSLT directly, I thought about a more plain solution: YML -
translating a Python- or C-like language into YML.

With YML you'll in particular get the features, which make those things
more easy, which are annoying writing XSLT.

Because everything is being translated into XSLT, you can use YML or
YSLT, respectively, anywhere, where "pure" XSLT or XML is being used

This is a hello world in YSLT:

----------------------- schnipp ----------------------------------------
include yslt.yml

stylesheet {
output "text"

template("/") {
> hello, world\n

----------------------- schnapp ----------------------------------------

If you're interested in a somewhat more complicated sample, see this
one for (simplyfied) generating Java interfaces out of XMI using YSLT:


The documentation you'll find on YML homepage here:

For having fun, I hacked a "Default Compiler", which generates a default
Y language out of an XML schema. From this tool I got ~99% of YHTML.

So the documentation is in YHTML <>
I'm open for creative hints how to improve that, preferably in

BTW: YML tool chain is being used in production in our company for some
time now, so it's a pretty square deal already


You can download a POSIX distribution under GNU GPL 2.0 here:


YML can easily be used on Windows, too. You'll need Python, xsltproc and


The file name of an indirect node file is the string "iNode" immediately
followed by the link reference converted to decimal text, with no leading
zeroes. For example, an indirect node file with link reference 123 would
have the name "iNode123". - HFS Plus Volume Format, MacOS X
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