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Re: Markov Analysis Help
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dave, few general comments to your code:
- Instead of using a comment that explains the meaning of a function,
add such things into docstrings.
- Your names can be improved, instead of f you can use file_name or
something like that, instead of convert_file you can use a name that
denotes that the conversion is already done, etc.
- You can use xrange instead of range and you can indent less, like 4
- This line may be slow, you may want to find simpler ways to do the
same thing:
rkey = random.choice(analyze.keys())
- I suggest you to add doctests to all your functions.

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Terry Reedy
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"dave" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:g0mvc2$sic$(E-Mail Removed)...
| bear,
| thanks for the suggestions. I use IDLE to write the code and when it's
| working I paste it over into a new window.

Or you can just save code you want to keep to a new name.

| To add doctests would I need to use a certain
| filename for the tests to be run on?

You can run a doctest on a file from within the file (as well as from

if __name__ == '__main__': <run doctest>

I presume the manual gives the details.

| Can you have doctests on random functions?



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>Can you have doctests on random functions?

Yes, you can add doctests to methods, functions, classes, module
docstrings, and in external text files.

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