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compile cpp program to DLL

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Hi everybody,

Can anyone tell me how to compile a .cpp program to .dll using C++
builder or Delphi? The versions I am using is C++ builder 6 and Delphi
7. I am not a programmer but have to compile this cpp code into a dll
to proceed further. I am just concerned about the DLL file which I
have to use in a different software. Hence, my doubt may look very
silly but any help will be highly appreciated. I have been trying to
find this myself but couldn't do it.

A step by step procedure will be of great value.

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Lionel B
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On Fri, 16 May 2008 03:15:29 -0700, Amy wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Can anyone tell me how to compile a .cpp program to .dll using C++
> builder or Delphi?

You will be far better off asking on a forum for C++ builder or Delphi;
please note that this newsgroup is concerned strictly with C++ *language*
issues (dlls are not a language issue).


Lionel B
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