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Re: Simple array question

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Le 14/05/2008 16:06, Hakan a écrit :
> How do I find the number of rows in a multi dimensional array? The
> number of columns can quite easily be found with A[0].length

Beware, there are no real multi-dimensional arrays in Java like in Ada.
A[0].length may be different from A[1].length.

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Stefan Ram
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Patrick <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>Beware, there are no real multi-dimensional arrays in Java like in Ada.

I also think so, but still the JLS mentions the term
»multidimensional array« as if there was such a thing:

»A clone of a multidimensional array is shallow«

The example program following this statement then contains:

int ia[][] = { { 1 , 2}, null };


There are different ways to implement a two-dimensional array.
An array of arrays is only one possibility. Another would be a
one-dimensional array with an index calculated from the two
indices of the two-dimensional array. So the means to obtain
the two dimensions depend on the way the multidimensional
array is implemented.

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