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Powerpc I/O memory, linux, mmap and eieio

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I bet this is not what you want:

00000000 <distance>:
0: 3c1c0000 lui gp,0x0
4: 279c0000 addiu gp,gp,0
8: 0399e021 addu gp,gp,t9
c: 00057080 sll t6,a1,0x2
10: 0004c880 sll t9,a0,0x2
14: 8f8f0000 lw t7,0(gp)
18: 00000000 nop
1c: 032f6021 addu t4,t9,t7
20: 01cf6821 addu t5,t6,t7
24: 8d820000 lw v0,0(t4)
28: 8da90000 lw t1,0(t5)
2c: 8f980000 lw t8,0(gp)
30: 01223823 subu a3,t1,v0
34: 00e70018 mult a3,a3
38: 03385021 addu t2,t9,t8
3c: 01d85821 addu t3,t6,t8
40: 8d680000 lw t0,0(t3)
44: 8d430000 lw v1,0(t2)
48: 00000000 nop
4c: 01033023 subu a2,t0,v1
50: 00002012 mflo a0
5c: 00c60018 mult a2,a2
60: 00002812 mflo a1
64: 03e00008 jr ra
68: 00851021 addu v0,a0,a1

0000006c <main>:
6c: 3c1c0000 lui gp,0x0
70: 279c0000 addiu gp,gp,0
74: 0399e021 addu gp,gp,t9
78: 27bdfe78 addiu sp,sp,-392
7c: afbc0020 sw gp,32(sp)
80: afb40178 sw s4,376(sp)
84: 27b40028 addiu s4,sp,40
88: 02802021 move a0,s4
8c: 00002821 move a1,zero
90: 24060100 li a2,256
94: afb30174 sw s3,372(sp)
98: afbf0184 sw ra,388(sp)
9c: afbc0180 sw gp,384(sp)
a0: afb5017c sw s5,380(sp)
a4: afb20170 sw s2,368(sp)
a8: afb1016c sw s1,364(sp)
ac: afb00168 sw s0,360(sp)
b0: 8f990000 lw t9,0(gp)
b4: 00000000 nop
b8: 0320f809 jalr t9
bc: 00000000 nop
c0: 8fbc0020 lw gp,32(sp)
c4: 00000000 nop
c8: 8f830000 lw v1,0(gp)
cc: 00000000 nop
d0: 24630000 addiu v1,v1,0
d4: 8c630014 lw v1,20(v1)
d8: 8f880000 lw t0,0(gp)
dc: 00000000 nop
e0: 25080000 addiu t0,t0,0
e4: 8d080000 lw t0,0(t0)
e8: 8f870000 lw a3,0(gp)
ec: 00000000 nop
f0: 24e70000 addiu a3,a3,0
f4: 8ce70004 lw a3,4(a3)
f8: 8f860000 lw a2,0(gp)
fc: 00000000 nop
100: 24c60000 addiu a2,a2,0
104: 8cc60008 lw a2,8(a2)
108: 8f850000 lw a1,0(gp)
10c: 00000000 nop
110: 24a50000 addiu a1,a1,0
114: 8ca5000c lw a1,12(a1)
118: 8f840000 lw a0,0(gp)
11c: 00000000 nop
120: 24840000 addiu a0,a0,0
124: 8c840010 lw a0,16(a0)
128: afa3013c sw v1,316(sp)
12c: 8f820000 lw v0,0(gp)
130: 00000000 nop
134: 24420000 addiu v0,v0,0
138: 8c420018 lw v0,24(v0)
13c: 8f830000 lw v1,0(gp)
140: 00000000 nop
144: 24630000 addiu v1,v1,0
148: 8c63001c lw v1,28(v1)
14c: afa80128 sw t0,296(sp)
150: afa7012c sw a3,300(sp)
154: afa60130 sw a2,304(sp)
158: afa50134 sw a1,308(sp)
15c: afa40138 sw a0,312(sp)
160: afa20140 sw v0,320(sp)
164: afa30144 sw v1,324(sp)
168: afa00148 sw zero,328(sp)
16c: afa0014c sw zero,332(sp)
170: afa00150 sw zero,336(sp)
174: afa00154 sw zero,340(sp)
178: afa00158 sw zero,344(sp)
17c: afa0015c sw zero,348(sp)
180: afa00160 sw zero,352(sp)
184: afa00164 sw zero,356(sp)
188: 24130001 li s3,1
18c: 2a690008 slti t1,s3,8
190: 11200031 beqz t1,258 <main+0x1ec>
194: 24100001 li s0,1
198: 001368c0 sll t5,s3,0x3
19c: 01b06021 addu t4,t5,s0
1a0: 000c5880 sll t3,t4,0x2
1a4: 2a0a0008 slti t2,s0,8
1a8: 02602021 move a0,s3
1ac: 02002821 move a1,s0
1b0: 1140001f beqz t2,230 <main+0x1c4>
1b4: 01748821 addu s1,t3,s4
1b8: 8f990000 lw t9,0(gp)
1bc: 00000000 nop
1c0: 0320f809 jalr t9
1c4: 00000000 nop
1c8: 8fbc0020 lw gp,32(sp)
1cc: ae220000 sw v0,0(s1)
1d0: 8f840000 lw a0,0(gp)
1d4: 00000000 nop
1d8: 24840020 addiu a0,a0,32
1dc: 12700011 beq s3,s0,224 <main+0x1b8>
1e0: 02201821 move v1,s1
1e4: 240f0001 li t7,1
1e8: 120f000b beq s0,t7,218 <main+0x1ac>
1ec: 24120007 li s2,7
1f0: 1212000a beq s0,s2,21c <main+0x1b0>
1f4: 241803e7 li t8,999
1f8: 8c650000 lw a1,0(v1)
1fc: 8f990000 lw t9,0(gp)
200: 00000000 nop
204: 0320f809 jalr t9
208: 00000000 nop
20c: 8fbc0020 lw gp,32(sp)
210: 1000ffe1 b 198 <main+0x12c>
214: 26100001 addiu s0,s0,1
218: 241803e7 li t8,999
21c: 1000fff6 b 1f8 <main+0x18c>
220: ae380000 sw t8,0(s1)
224: 240e03e7 li t6,999
228: 1000ffee b 1e4 <main+0x178>
22c: ae2e0000 sw t6,0(s1)
230: 8f840000 lw a0,0(gp)
234: 00000000 nop
238: 24840028 addiu a0,a0,40
23c: 8f990000 lw t9,0(gp)
240: 00000000 nop
244: 0320f809 jalr t9
248: 00000000 nop
24c: 8fbc0020 lw gp,32(sp)
250: 1000ffce b 18c <main+0x120>
254: 26730001 addiu s3,s3,1
258: 24130001 li s3,1
25c: 2a700006 slti s0,s3,6
260: 1200002a beqz s0,30c <main+0x2a0>
264: 240503e7 li a1,999
268: 24100001 li s0,1
26c: 00132080 sll a0,s3,0x2
270: 2a110007 slti s1,s0,7
274: 12200010 beqz s1,2b8 <main+0x24c>
278: 00941821 addu v1,a0,s4
27c: 8c690100 lw t1,256(v1)
280: 00000000 nop
284: 000940c0 sll t0,t1,0x3
288: 01103821 addu a3,t0,s0
28c: 00073080 sll a2,a3,0x2
290: 00d41821 addu v1,a2,s4
294: 8c620000 lw v0,0(v1)
298: 00000000 nop
29c: 0045c82a slt t9,v0,a1
2a0: 13200003 beqz t9,2b0 <main+0x244>
2a4: 00000000 nop
2a8: 00402821 move a1,v0
2ac: 0200a821 move s5,s0
2b0: 1000ffef b 270 <main+0x204>
2b4: 26100001 addiu s0,s0,1
2b8: 00946021 addu t4,a0,s4
2bc: 8d900100 lw s0,256(t4)
2c0: 00152880 sll a1,s5,0x2
2c4: 0010c0c0 sll t8,s0,0x3
2c8: 03159021 addu s2,t8,s5
2cc: 00127880 sll t7,s2,0x2
2d0: 01f47021 addu t6,t7,s4
2d4: 8dcd0000 lw t5,0(t6)
2d8: 00b45021 addu t2,a1,s4
2dc: 240b03e7 li t3,999
2e0: 26730001 addiu s3,s3,1
2e4: ad8d0120 sw t5,288(t4)
2e8: ad4b00e0 sw t3,224(t2)
2ec: ad950104 sw s5,260(t4)
2f0: ad4b0020 sw t3,32(t2)
2f4: ad4b0040 sw t3,64(t2)
2f8: ad4b0060 sw t3,96(t2)
2fc: ad4b0080 sw t3,128(t2)
300: ad4b00a0 sw t3,160(t2)
304: 1000ffd5 b 25c <main+0x1f0>
308: ad4b00c0 sw t3,192(t2)
30c: 8fa40140 lw a0,320(sp)
310: 8fa50144 lw a1,324(sp)
314: 8f990000 lw t9,0(gp)
318: 00000000 nop
31c: 0320f809 jalr t9
320: 00000000 nop
324: 8fbc0020 lw gp,32(sp)
328: afa20160 sw v0,352(sp)
32c: 8fa30138 lw v1,312(sp)
330: 8fa80134 lw t0,308(sp)
334: 8fb90130 lw t9,304(sp)
338: 8fa50144 lw a1,324(sp)
33c: 8fa60140 lw a2,320(sp)
340: 8fa7013c lw a3,316(sp)
344: 8fa2012c lw v0,300(sp)
348: 8f840000 lw a0,0(gp)
34c: 00000000 nop
350: 2484002c addiu a0,a0,44
354: afa30010 sw v1,16(sp)
358: afa80014 sw t0,20(sp)
35c: afb90018 sw t9,24(sp)
360: afa2001c sw v0,28(sp)
364: 8f990000 lw t9,0(gp)
368: 00000000 nop
36c: 0320f809 jalr t9
370: 00000000 nop
374: 8fbc0020 lw gp,32(sp)
378: 8fb10158 lw s1,344(sp)
37c: 8fb50154 lw s5,340(sp)
380: 8fb40150 lw s4,336(sp)
384: 8fb3014c lw s3,332(sp)
388: 8fa50164 lw a1,356(sp)
38c: 8fa60160 lw a2,352(sp)
390: 8fa7015c lw a3,348(sp)
394: 8f840000 lw a0,0(gp)
398: 00000000 nop
39c: 24840044 addiu a0,a0,68
3a0: afb10010 sw s1,16(sp)
3a4: afb50014 sw s5,20(sp)
3a8: afb40018 sw s4,24(sp)
3ac: afb3001c sw s3,28(sp)
3b0: 8f990000 lw t9,0(gp)
3b4: 00000000 nop
3b8: 0320f809 jalr t9
3bc: 00000000 nop
3c0: 8fbc0020 lw gp,32(sp)
3c4: 8fbf0184 lw ra,388(sp)
3c8: 8fb5017c lw s5,380(sp)
3cc: 8fb40178 lw s4,376(sp)
3d0: 8fb30174 lw s3,372(sp)
3d4: 8fb20170 lw s2,368(sp)
3d8: 8fb1016c lw s1,364(sp)
3dc: 8fb00168 lw s0,360(sp)
3e0: 00001021 move v0,zero
3e4: 03e00008 jr ra
3e8: 27bd0188 addiu sp,sp,392
3ec: 00000000 nop

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