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If I Buy Something, Do I Own It?

Lawrence D'Oliveiro
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In article <fulvvp$qnk$(E-Mail Removed)>, Lawrence D'Oliveiro did write:

> A simple question with a simple answer, you would think. Yet, with the
> impending winding down of MSN Music

> comes the latest in a long line of copy-protected download services which
> take away your rights to use products you'd already bought.
> How many times do customers need to be screwed before they will learn?

This <>
would be so funny, except it's not a joke--Microsoft's excuse for shutting
down the MSN Music DRM servers:

"Every time there is an OS upgrade, the DRM equation gets complex very
quickly," Bennett said. "Every time, you saw support issues. People
would call in because they couldn't download licenses. We had to write
new code, new configurations each time."

That's right, DRM is a ****ing pain in the arse, therefore it makes better
business sense to leave the customers in the lurch.
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