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Permissions Nightmares

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I've had some issues with Microsoft software (Office 2007, Visual Basic
Studio Express) installations on Vista 64. The install shows a successful
completion, but it seems that a number of registry keys are being written
with no permissions assigned to them. Once written in this way, the keys
cannot be viewed or modified by any account on my system, to include the
administrator account.

The result for Office 2007 is that the Microsoft installer is invoked each
time I start one of the Office applications, followed by the Office
Configuration dialogue box. It takes as much as 5 minutes for any Office app
to start up. In Visual Basic Studio Express, it notifies me that I don't have
the required registry access to begin a new project.

In the past, I used SubInACL to force permissions onto some keys, and saw at
least a little success from it. However, SubInACL no longer seems to work in
Vista 64 (on my system, at least). It shows that it has changed permissions,
but makes no actual adjustment to any key's permisssions.

I thought Service Pack 1 might address some of these issues the Microsoft
Installer has with writing keys with no permissions assigned, but no luck....
I was really hoping Microsoft would fix this issue.

So, until they get around to it, does anyone know of a fix? Is there a
replacement for SubInACL that plays nice with Vista 64?

In the past, I have tried the SubInACL fix that it floating around a few
forums on the internet. It instructs the user to change ALL registry keys to
full access for Administrators and Systems. That "fix" rendered my system

Thanks for any help....

Jason Archer
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