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A question about creating Maildir mailboxes with mailbox.Maildir
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I have mail delivered into Maildirs which live in a directory
hierarchy as follows:-

/home/isbd/Mail/Li/<name of maildir>
/home/isbd/Mail/In/<name of maildir>

Note that neither /home/isbd/Mail/Li nor /home/isbd/Mail/In are
Maildir mailboxes. How do I create a new Maildir mailbox in either Li
or In with mailbox.Maildir.add_folder()?

If I have created an instance of Maildir with:-

md = mailbox.Maildir("/home/isbd/Mail/Li")

that implies that /home/isbd/Mail/Li is a Maildir, which it isn't, and
anyway the above fails because it can't see the new, cur and tmp
directories in /home/isbd/Mail/Li.

It seems that the Python Maildir implementation assumes a Courier
style (probably IMAP) Maildir hierarchy with an INBOX and using dots
rather than real directories to create sub-directories.

I don't have an INBOX or any sort of 'home' maildir, it's most
definitely not a requirement of maildir.

Chris Green
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