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quad cores & XP ?

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Does Windows XP sp2 see and use all four cores (everything stock) ?
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XP will see all 4 cores and can divvy up OS chores to all 4 cores. However
there are very few commercial programs that can use all four cores.
In fact I cannot think of any at all.
The reason Intel Quad cores are so fast has nada to do with core 3 and core
The Intel Quads, even the lowliest, have a massive amount of on-chip memory
in the form of L3 cache. This is also the main reason they are faster than
the new AMD quads.
Intel dual cores with comparable clock speeds and cache perform the same as
Quads in real world computer uses.
Dual cores are faster than single cores at a given clock speed, even with
comparable amounts of cache, because the OS can push background chores onto
the second core while your program runs on the other core.

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gnu / linux
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On Apr 25, 10:55*pm, "Buck" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Brilliant isn't it!!

tnx !
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