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Re: Converter Box.

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Gabbyguy wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I have installed the new converter box and it works fine.
> My problem is that neither of my VCR/DVD recorders
> will pick up the new stations. Making it impossible to record TV
> shows.
> My question is: How can I make the VCR recognize the new channels?
> Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

You didn't say what this 'converter box' is but I assume it is a stand-alone
tuner for digital TV channels (what we in the UK would call a Freeview or
Set-top box), whereas your VCR/DVD recorders only pull in terrestrial

Is my interpretation correct? If so, then EITHER you need to plug your
VCR/DVD into the digital output of the converter (if you have the
appropriate sockets, cable etc) OR plug them into the UHF aerial output of
the converter then tune the recorder(s) to the output frequency of the
converter. In neither case will you need to tune the recorder(s) into
individual TV channels.


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