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return string

James Kanze
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On 18 avr, 13:58, Pete Becker <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> On 2008-04-18 04:24:05 -0400, James Kanze <(E-Mail Removed)> said:
> > And maybe it's not. And maybe copying the value is fast
> > enough. Until you actually have a performance problem, and
> > the profiler indicates that it is due to copying the string,
> > it's stupid to worry about it.

> That depends on context. Certainly, when you're writing an application,
> spending time optimizing things that aren't bottlenecks is a waste of
> time. But when you're writing a general purpose library that's going to
> be distributed to others, if you don't spend time optimizing things,
> you'll spend time responding to complaints from users that your code is
> too slow. If that's just an internal feedback loop, fine; but if you're
> not part of your users' development process, you'd better put the time
> in up front.

I'll admit that library implementers have it tough, here. They
do have to do some guessing, and (for example) were I
implementing the standard library, I'd certainly make sure that
std::vector<>:perator[]() was as fast as possible. Without
waiting for feedback from actual users.

Still, given the apparent level of the original poster, I don't
think he's implementing a standard library. First things first,
and all that. Until you know how to write correct code, you
shouldn't worry about optimization (and you probably shouldn't
be writing libraries for widespread use).

James Kanze (GABI Software) email:(E-Mail Removed)
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