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polish stack

Stefan Ram
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"Mr. X." <> writes:
>there are two stacks :

For this approach (I do not know whether this is the same as a
»polish stack«), you might read the paragraph starting with

»I gave each symbol in the syntax table a particular code«


. Also see the English text at the end of Removed)

. The classical reference is

Sequential Formula Translation
K. Samelson and F. L. Bauer
Communications of the ACM
Volume 3, Issue 2 (February 1960)
Pages: 76 - 83

. I have implemented such a stack pair once in Java.
The support code is rather large and unpublished yet.
But the two core methods for the stack pair are given below.

public static void acceptOperator
( final OperatorToken operatorToken,
final de.dclj.ram.notation.bauer.notation.PlacementHint placementHint,
final OperatorStack operatorStack,
final DesignationStack designationStack )
{ int rightPriority;
if( placementHint instanceof OperatorMustBePrefixPlacementHint )
{ rightPriority = getOperatorRightPriorityInPrefixContext( operatorToken ); }
{ rightPriority = getOperatorRightPriorityInInfixContext( operatorToken ); }
while( isReducible( operatorStack, rightPriority ))
{ OperatorToken operator = operatorStack.pop();
operator.reduce( placementHint, operatorStack, designationStack ); }
operatorStack.accept( operatorToken ); }

public static void acceptLiteral
( final LiteralToken literalToken,
final de.dclj.ram.notation.bauer.notation.PlacementHint placementHint,
final OperatorStack operatorStack,
final DesignationStack designationStack )
{ designationStack.accept( literalToken.value() ); }}

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Arne Vajhøj
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Mr. X. wrote:
> I don't have book of polish-stack, and I won't buy any,

Do you want to get through life asking people to spend
time explaining thing sin detail for you instead of
you actually sit down, read the relevant books and learn something ?

> If you don't want to answer - please, don't answer at all.

That is our decision.

> I just want to know the concept in details !

Study !

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