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comp shuts down quickly

TWMAtlas TWMAtlas is offline
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Well I had decided to take a break from gaming and dust out the inside of my tower and everything. It was working just fine before i started. I removed all my static, put on the wrist strap and everything cleaning. I used a brush for the fans and such to remove light dust, then i used an air compressor to blow out all the dust inside the case. Now i know not to get too close so I held the hose back so that it wouldnt be inside the case. I then took off each graphics card (im running dual 8600's in SLI) and blew them off individually, then moved onto my heatsink. I removed it blew it off, brushed it making sure to get all the dust off, and promptly replaced it. When i tried running my pc again, it shut down after about 15 seconds.

I tried everything i could think of, but ran out of ideas. I unplugged the power supply from the motherboard thinking it was just loose and plugged it back in. I proceeded to take most everything out to see if i could find any singed parts, praying my motherboard didnt short-circuit. I found nothing. I got tired and went to sleep as it was already 4:00 AM. Now that im thinking straight again, i checked my system bios, i moved quickly before it shutdown again. I managed to catch a glimpse of my processors temperature. It was about 95 degrees celsius and was rising, then it shut itself down.

So what could be the issue then? When i removed my heatsink, could dust have gotten in there and is not letting the heatsink make contact with the processor? Do i need to apply more thermal grease? someone please tell me they can help me. im a desperate student with little to no money to spend on a new motherboard or processor @__@
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Hey - I think I have a quick easy fix for you.

When you lifted off your heatsink, you exposed your thermal interface material (tmi) which is sticky and I am SURE picked up dust. This dust reduce the heat transfering ability to the heatsink and allows heat to buildup on the processor.

THe shut downs are a protective measure to prevent your cpu from burning itself out.

To fix this, simply clean off the old tmi using rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, and apply a new thin layer before reseating the heatsink and fan.

Just for future reference, you wantt o replace the tmi EVERY time you lift off the heatsink

Good luck!
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