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called method "cannot be applied to" method in a command object usinggenerics ...
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Well, I don't really understand why this is happening, I am still
learning java generics. But, basically I have a command object with a
generic method that is encapsulated in a "has a" fashion by a
containing object

When you call the containing's object's method, it includes extra
parameters it knows about and relays the call to the command object. I
know there is no problem with the method itself since it works fine
when called from the containing's object. It stops compiling however
when you put the method in the command object
<KOTp>getGnRx(java.sql.PreparedStatement,KITp,in t[],int[],java.lang.Class<KOTp>)
in Kmnd02 cannot be applied to
KOTp[] TpAr = Kmnd.getGnRx(PSt, IObj, iITpIxAr, iOTpIxAr, KO);

What is going on here? What part of generics should I get more
acquainted with?

How can I fix it?

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