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Re: Computer slowdown, busy diskdrive.

Beauregard T. Shagnasty
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Frank wrote:

> My computer was slowing down so I purchased a new harddrive and
> reinstalled Windows XP with SP2 and it ran great for couple of
> months. Three months into the new installation my harddisk started to
> run like mad for the first few minutes of bootup and sometimes in the
> middle of something with no apparent application running. Now things
> are slow again, its pain to reinstall XP every three months to get it
> running well again.

You were lucky. It's usually about twenty minutes.

Your computer is most likely a compromised zombie, now spewing spam to

> How do I trace what the disk is doing and stop whatever is running in
> the background to speed up my computer again?

Do you have a router on your Comcast connection, between the computer
and the cable modem? Does the computer have a firewall?

Try SuperAntiSpyware and see what it reports.

-Friends don't let friends drive Windows
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