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Re: Word wrap existing PDF?

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> It seems like a better set of questions is: what are you
> trying to do with the page and how can you best accomplish
> it?

An even better question would be, WHY would someone make a PDF
of a badly designed publication/document and expect it to look
good in PDF? PDF makes an EXACT (just cross-platform and a LOT
smaller in filesize) version, it can not and does not correct
author errors.

If you want word wrap, even Notepad has a wordwrap toggle. Etc.

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It is hard to be polite, but you may as well have said nothing since you don't know the answer. I too have a pdf file I would like to word wrap to read on my smartphone. It is a paper that a University has only made available in that format. I do not know why, but while why is an interesting question, it is not a better question and it's answer will not help me word wrap the file I have.

* adobe reader lets you reflow which is more or less the same as word wrapping

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