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Re: SPA3102: can't dial out through PSTN from phone memory

Brian A
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On Sat, 26 Apr 2008 02:12:22 +0100, ""
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Jose wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> while I can easily access my PSTN from the phone's keyboard, dialing
>> #0 folowed by phone number, after storing, say, #0123456789 in a phone
>> memory, I can use that memory to dial exactly the same number ...
>> Any sugestions, please?

>Have you tried adding a pause after the #0 You might needto check phone
>operation as to what needs to be entered for a pause.

If, as I understand it, the SPA is geared up to receive strings
starting with #0 and route them to gw0, inserting a pause, in the
phone, won't help.
Certainly, when accessing a voip network in the same way requires no
delay at all. It is the SPA that is doing the 'decoding'.
I have noticed, since setting up an SPA-3102, in conjunction with a
PSTN line, that there does seem to be a delay before the call is
routed. I guess that is due, in some part at least, to the DTMF that
will have to be sent by the SPA-3102. The SPA I set up recently routed
0800 and 0808 via PSTN. Dialling those numbers worked perfectly but
the connection, when compared to dialling via voip, was significantly
You could experiment a bit to try and pinpoint the problem.
What happens if you:-
1. include a comma after #0.
For example:

2.. try
Should call BT when #0 is dialled.

3. include a comma and S0..

Please report back with the results

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Brian A
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On Sun, 27 Apr 2008 14:57:25 GMT, Removed) (Jose) wrote:

>On Sun, 27 Apr 2008 09:52:40 GMT, Brian A
><(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>What happens if you:-
>>1. include a comma after #0.
>>For example:
>>2.. try
>>Should call BT when #0 is dialled.
>>3. include a comma and S0..
>>Please report back with the results

>Hi Brian,
>1 comma was sometimes enough, but not always... So, I added 2 commas:
><#0,,:>x.<:@gw0> Like that, it alway works!

Good! I was interested in your results using two commas - I've never
tried that one.
>I still have a problem though: when I call any service that prompts me
>to press this or that number, or a certain code, if use either the
>cordless Voip phone, or the corded Voip one, the service cann never
>recognize which number(s) I'm pressing.
>If I use the PSTN phone attached to the SPA, the same services never
>fail to recognize the numbers I enter through the phone...
>Any sugestions on this one, please?
>Thanks a lot!

Yes. The answer to this one is, in your settings, set DTMF to 'INFO'
I think that this will cure it.
Thanks for the feedback!
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