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Re: caller ID with callmanager/communication manager express

Andrew J Cosgriff
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Evan Mann wrote :

> I have a CallManager Express 4.3 install with a 2 full PRI's connected
> and it services 2 different companies (although they are internally
> related) My provider lets me manipulate the outbound caller ID
> number.
> I'm trying to determine a few things related to caller ID
> 1) Can I manipulate the outbound caller ID on a per-user basis: ex:
> every user's outbound caller ID # is their DID.

It'll be their DID by default. You can't set the outbound caller ID on
each phone (as you can in CM), but see below for a workaround.

> 2) Can I manipulate the outbounder caller ID on a group of users
> basis, using some kind of translation rule perhaps? Ex: users in
> CompanyA all have 1 outbound number, and users in CompanyB all have a
> differnet outbound caller ID number.

You can do regular expression-based munging of the number - see the
"voice translation-rule" command in the docs.

Lots more at

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