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Re: No audio in DVD playback on PC - what am I doing wrong?

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Mitch wrote:

> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Pressed
> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> > Hey folks: I am for the first time in my life trying to play a video
> > DVD on my desktop PC (believe it or not). I have a commercially
> > recorded documentary (title "King Corn") loaned from a friend, and
> > can't get it to play properly. The problem is no sound. The video
> > looks fine, but there's no audio output whatsoever. I've tried using
> > Windows Mediaplayer as well as a program called Media Player Classic.
> > Both behave pretty much the same way -- the video plays silently.

> You're using nothing but Microsoft-oriented solutions?

> How about trying some other DVD player software?
> Aren't these really common (even necessary?) when using Windows?

you might explore Power DVD, a nice player that usually works well
right from the git-go when you install it. IT MIGHT be a good
idea to let it be the default DVD player.

YOU excape all the DRM hassles built into WMP.
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