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pop smtp dell restored me and dont know if they did any favors

Linda Entler
Posts: n/a
i lost all my microsoft icon for pics vidieo do i had some problems and their
fix waas that---but the oroblem is still there
i have a saftly remove box that started all the problems
1a usb mass storage device
1b WDC WD32 00AAKS-75VYADisk Device
1cTSST corp DVD+RW TS-H653B SCSI Cd Rom Device-(E)
i know i need this stuff but why is it in the saftly remove Hardware
and when they restarted my computer why was this not sent back -
Iam sorry to ask such a off handed Question but after he (DELL GUY) was
done he was to call back in 1 hour witch never came so im flying on my
own---and as you can tell I AM NEW TO COMPUTERS
I know you folks are rapped up in other stuff But if you can find the time
drop me a line
next text will be much Shorter thanks Linda Have a nice day
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