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Weird conflicting IP issue

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Good point about the not-yet-stale IP lease in the old subnet.
However, when I changed the subnet, I took down the network
for about five minutes thinking the clients would issue a new DHCP
request when it came back. I've witnessed that behavior on
my home PC when I unplug the switch.

The funny thing is that the "conflicting IP" popup was, in fact,
appearing on multiple machines. That's why I think there was
something nefarious running on the suspect machine.

"Phillip Windell" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:eW708$(E-Mail Removed)...

> How in the world did you re-address and whole network that fast???
> If you only changed the DHCP Scope that may take 4 days to fully take
> effect unless you went around and rebooted every machine or did a IPConfig
> /release/renew. And then after that you would still have to adjust
> devices that don't use DHCP,...and then after that adjust any Applications
> that have communication functions that may be effected by the change. It
> could takes days or maybe even weeks to correctly re-address a company
> network if it is anything more complicated than a "home-user" network.
> I suspect that not all the machines had moved to 10.* by that point and
> conflict just simply still existed on the 192.*
> Another thing is that you can only have an IP# conflict on a single pair
> of machines (the valid one and the intruder), can't have multiple
> machines conplaining about the same conflict because they would not all be
> using the same address in the first place. So when you say "wireless
> clients get the there is an IP address conflict", that just doesn't make
> any sense, can't be "clients", has to be "client".
> --
> Phillip Windell
> The views expressed, are my own and not those of my employer, or
> Microsoft,
> or anyone else associated with me, including my cats.
> -----------------------------------------------------

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