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Re: Help: Incoming PSTN droping w/ SPA3102

Brian A
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On Wed, 16 Apr 2008 00:16:19 GMT, Removed) (Jose) wrote:

>Hi All,
>I have an SPA3102, and latelly I've noticed that often incoming PSTN
>calls drop when I try to pick up the call
>This is something I had not experienced when I first installed the
> Lately I've been playing with the PSTN to Voip conection settings, so
>that I can call my SPA from my mobile, and place calls through Voip.
>I'm not sure, but I suspect it was after this playing around that I
>started experiencing this annoying call drops ... ;-P
>So, any sugestions on how I can possibly solve this (short of
>disabling PSTN to VoIP conections), please?

Well, you could try that first and see if it is the the cause of the
problem. Have you changed your handset? I have known certain handsets
and dialler boxes to cause call drops when an incoming call is
Can I suggest that when you have a working set up that you back it up.
You can always return to it then if you muck up your settings. I think
it is best to back up after each set of changes.
There is a GUI back up program called NewSipuraUtil (the latest
version is v2 afaik) that can be easily used to do backups. Do check
that the files have been properly saved by checking the file sizes.
One file will only be about 1k - it is the other, much larger file
that is important. I use another way to back up but NewSipuraUtil is a
good way to do it.

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