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ASP.NET Checkboxes

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Thanx M, and I mean that, but I really need this to work
without a postback and frankly it should behave like the
other controls are behaving (correctly). This smells like
a bug to me and I just wanted to get some sort of
confirmation from the field or refutation with some sort
of an explaination. Can you reproduce the problem? I have
found a way around it for now by encasing the checkboxes
in an <asp:Table> then disabling/enabling the table
instead, which thankfully works. Thanx again M.

>-----Original Message-----
>hi Tracey
>try seting 'AutoPostBack' property for the controls to

true and then try
>again. your code will look somethnig like this
><form id="frmTest" method="post" runat="server">
><asp:CheckBox ID="chkTest" Runat="server" Enabled="False"

><asp:TextBox ID="txtTest" Runat="server" Enabled="False"

><asp:CheckBox ID="chkTryIt" Runat="server" Enabled="True"

>"Tracey" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>news:00f301c35133$d6f1ab10$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> I have found that the <asp:checkbox> control is not
>> respecting the disabled attribute while the

>> and other controls are respecting it. Does anybody know

>> this is a known bug and if so, what it's number is? Can
>> anybody else reproduce this problem? I've included some
>> simple code below. Here is the Form:
>> <form id="frmTest" method="post" runat="server">
>> <asp:CheckBox ID="chkTest" Runat="server"

>> Text="chkTest"></asp:CheckBox>
>> <asp:TextBox ID="txtTest" Runat="server"
>> Enabled="False">txtTest</asp:TextBox>
>> <asp:CheckBox ID="chkTryIt" Runat="server"

>> Text="chkTryIt"></asp:CheckBox>
>> </form>
>> And here is some client side script used to flip flop
>> between enabled and disabled. Notice how the textbox
>> respects the disabled attribute, but for some reason the
>> checkbox doesn't?
>> Sub chkTryIt_OnClick
>> document.getElementById("chkTest").disabled = _
>> (document.getElementById("chkTryIt").checked = False)
>> document.getElementById("chkTest").checked = _
>> (document.getElementById("chkTryIt").checked = True)
>> document.getElementById("txtTest").disabled = _
>> (document.getElementById("chkTryIt").checked = False)
>> End Sub

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