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slight problem while making a network between two computers(again!)

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On Thu, 10 Apr 2008 11:05:11 -0700 (PDT), giddy wrote:

>Is this part of the madness of WinXp x64? Because thats what I have on
>the laptop(and yes I'm going to take it off soon)

Well it's really handy to mention that now. Or it's annoying can't
decide which.

2 bits of advice,

Get a router.

Ditch XP x64, it' not worth the hassle you have or are trying to fix via

BTW (a) Never would even dream of trying XP x64 with ICS, and it does
work using a router setup.

(b) It's a good OS.

(c) You didn't mentioned the PC OS.

Hire somone to fix it.

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On Thu, 10 Apr 2008 10:52:50 -0700 (PDT), giddy wrote:

>ok, as always my computing ventures take a very unexpected twist.
>Lan2 on the desktop was faulty, I bought a new one.
>Now i connected everything, I could finally ping my desktop from my
>laptop . The internet sharing wasn't working at all **until** I put
>entered my DNS numbers into my LAPTOPS LAN.


>NOW, after that it worked for 2 mins and my whole internet connection
>itself stopped working then, IOW i didn't have internet working on my
>desktop anymore! I struggled for 2 hours, even called my ISP and tried
>all sorts of things, and now found out, that WHEN i plug my laptop IN
>my whole connection jams, I Can still ping my ISP gateway but the DNS

Check NICs, cables, port speeds, get rif of the fixed IPS, DNS entries
you put in.

>servers don't respond, so yes, i took off the DNS's off my laptops lan
>and the same thing still happens. The second I connect the laptop I
>can't ping my DNS's from my desktop and the second I plug it OUT I can
>ping them and everything works fine!! What exactly is going on!!
>Also, I've set to share files and they still don't show up on my
>Network places, If i'm correct i chose sharing and security in a
>folders property sheet and had it shared? Well, it still doesn't show?

Then map a network drive.

>Here are my settings
>LAN1[<myIP><MASK><Gateway>] [PreferredDNS,Alt DNS]-->Connects to
>Broadband Internet, ICS enabled. (Should I enable DHCP here? Makes no

Yes, since it's causing you confusion about IPs, DNS. Let the ICS DHCP
create the IPs for LAN2 / Laptop.


Running Win XP x64.

>LAN[<><><>][Should I have those
>DNS's here??]

Yes, the laptop with no DNS entries will have problems.

>ALSO, my earlier LAN when it was installed has on my
>desktop, so when I give my new card the same IP windows warns me but i

Warns you with what message? This is getting too much like work now. Got
hassled about a supposed network issue, it wasn't called to helpdesk,
but as a complaint in a management meeting. I asked when did the fault
happen, there are no other calls. Answer was 12 and 2 weeks ago. Silly

>ignore it.If i do change Lan2 to say and change the laptop
>Lan accordingly I can't even ping the desktop anymore??

Argh missing info, again. Change the Lan2 and laptop to what?

>Would someone please help, I'm losing my mind here!! X0

That would be much better,.

How is it this hard?

Desktop LAN1 - ISP settings 1 network.

Desktop LAN2 - ICS settings form a 2nd network
Laptop LAN - ICS

Do some reading on


route print

both of those work at the command line.

>Thanks so much

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On Fri, 11 Apr 2008 10:01:49 +1000, Gaius Baltar wrote:

>On Thu, 10 Apr 2008 10:52:50 -0700 (PDT), giddy <(E-Mail Removed)>
>>Would someone please help, I'm losing my mind here!! X0

>Spare yourself and all of us the pain and PAY to get some professional
>help i.e. hire a technician

2nd that.

Did you see the post saying the laptop is XP x64? What a stupid time to
mention that.

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