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Dynamic Development

savantcreative savantcreative is offline
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I need to learn how to design dynamic pages. I already know XHTML and CSS. I can hand code and I also own Dreamweaver CS3. I am trying to decided whether to learn PHP or ColdFusion. I am open to opinions as well as best way to learn
Thanks so much
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Birmingham Birmingham is offline
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php is the bomb solution. so much more powerful than coldfusion and so user-friendly too. has endless examples of how to do stuff, and there's andless forums like this and more php-dedicated ones where u can get easy help.

all you need for dynamics is an index.php file like this:

<body style="background-color:<?echo$_SESSION[colour]?>">
now try index.php?colour=#FF0000 ...and of course it will be different to index.php?colour=#999999

already you can see how, using ?this=that in urls, and $_GET[blaa] (reads data pairs from the url) and $_SESSION[blaa] (stores a session cookie), you can make very dynamic sites
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torontolife torontolife is offline
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You can increase your earning potential by teaching yourself languages like Ruby. Especially with the RoR (Ruby on Rails) framework, Ruby is one of the highest paying web development languages - especially in startups.
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jbuyers jbuyers is offline
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go with PHP all the way and never look back

<? php

print "got it?";


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