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PLEASE -- I'm in asp:button hell...tried everything I've read...why does it DO this?

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Further to my earlier message tonight, here is more info on my button

I have two controls: a button and a textbox.

This code for the button is in the page load (if not postback):

btnList.Attributes.Add("onclick", "pop_window();return false;")

it runs a simple script in <script> tags within the <head> of the

The textbox has a textchanged event, and IS set for AutoPostBack.

If I try to use an html button vs an asp:button, it disables my
textchanged event even though it is set to autopostback.

As is, when I enter something in the textbox and hit enter, it does
operate correctly, but at the same time, it runs the script for the

PLEASE someone tell me how to fix it so the textbox works but the
button only runs IF a press it.

I've spent days on this...and have tried to read everything and tried
examples, examples, examples, nothing is working right.

Thanks, Kathy
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